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Saudi Arabia relies on a new player from Atlético de Madrid: Axel Witsel

Saudi Arabia relies on a new player from Atlético de Madrid: Axel Witsel

Axel Witsel’s situation at Atlético Madrid has taken an interesting turn with the emergence of an attractive offer from Saudi Arabia. Despite the club’s policy of not considering departures unless there are irresistible offers, Witsel’s contract, which expires in June 2024, and his age have prompted the club to consider this new proposal.

Although the Saudi offer does not include the payment of Witsel’s termination clause, it has caused deep reflection in the Rojiblanco team. The combination of an expiring contract and the player’s approaching 35th birthday has prompted the club to reconsider their position in the situation. Although Witsel was a starting XI in the last game against Real Betis Balompié, his future at Atlético Madrid is now up for debate, especially given the competition in midfield from other prominent players.

Witsel, who was initially keen on staying at Atlético after signing for another year following his stellar performances last season, now faces the enticing prospect of securing a far more lucrative deal in Saudi Arabia. This offer could have a significant impact on his final decision and potentially herald a turning point in his Mattress Club career.

The potential departure of Axel Witsel would be a notable change for Atlético de Madrid as the Belgian has been a key part of the side’s midfield since his arrival. His experience and quality on the pitch have contributed to the club’s success in various competitions.

Atletico Madrid fans will be keeping an eye on any developments in the situation as Witsel’s future at the club is a fascinating unknown at the moment. As the transfer window progresses, this story will continue to generate interest and debate in the world of football.

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