Rare camels have been subjected to DNA testing in Saudi Arabia to protect their lineage and pedigree.

According to the Saudi website, officials from Camel Club and King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia obtained DNA samples of 12 rare breeds of camels.

The camels whose DNA samples were taken belong to Prince Sultan bin Muhammad bin Saud al-Kabeer and Prince Turki bin Muhammad bin Saud al-Kabeer.

Camel Club and King Faisal Specialist Hospital are collecting their DNA to protect the rare camel breed.

It took 5 days to process the camels for examination and registration in the medical laboratory. After collecting the DNA, all the information related to the breed of camels will be saved.

Remember that the DNA of the camels that have been taken is Gharnoq, Al-Shamkh, Al-Hakim, Shaqran, Shaman, Al-Aali, Nawfan, Al-Qaid, Khazam Al-Shaal, Warqan and Al-Fakhir, the DNA of their children has also been taken.

The purpose of this campaign is to preserve the genealogy of rare breeds of camels. Camel DNA samples will also be taken.