Saudi Arabia: No jobs, no housing, hundreds of foreigners deported!

Riyadh: Hundreds of foreigners have been reported in Saudi Arabia for residency, employment and border violations.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Passport Department punished locals and foreigners for violating residency, employment and border peace laws during October 2021.

The department issued 11,086 verdicts against Saudi nationals and expatriates, including imprisonment, fines and deportation.

The Saudi Passport Department has instructed all citizens and expatriates not to provide any kind of facility to anyone violating residency, labor and border peace laws under any circumstances.

It was warned that Saudi nationals should not employ such migrants and should not do anything to protect their accommodation or reach them from law enforcement agencies.

It is also a crime to provide them with any assistance, employment, housing or transportation. The agency said locals should report illegal immigrants to the contact number.


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