Riyadh: The Saudi Department of Passport and Immigration (Licensing) has issued an important clarification regarding the exit visa (final exit visa).

According to Arab media reports, on the Twitter handle of the permit, a citizen asked if his employee had applied for an exit visa but had not traveled for two years and his residence was also expired. Can it be renewed?

The Saudi Passport Department explained that under immigration law, it is mandatory to travel within a specified period after the exit bath.

If the travel intention is changed, there is a period of 60 days, during which the visa can be canceled, otherwise there is a fine of one thousand riyals.

It should be kept in mind that the exit of Nahai, meaning the final exit, means that the residency holder is moving to his homeland after ending his stay in the country.

Cancellation of exit can be done through the employer or sponsor’s resident or Abshar portal. Delay in renewal of stay after cancellation of final exit visa will also be punishable.



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