Saudi Arabia: Modern facilities for passengers on the Shah Fahd Bridge to Bahrain

RIYADH: Digital facilities have been launched for travelers on the Shah Fahd Bridge leading to Bahrain in Saudi Arabia.

According to Urdu News, the management of Shah Fahd Bridge, which connects Saudi Arabia with Bahrain, has released the Jasr app for payment of travel fees.

Passengers can pay the travel fee of Bahrain inbound and out through the automated system through Jasar app.

King Fahd Sea Bridge Administration has also provided another facility, thanks to which vehicles are identified through number plate technology.

Through the number plate of the vehicle passing in front of the electronic scanners, all the information comes to the computer of the official at the immigration counter.

The Shah Fahd Bridge Authority to Bahrain has also made an addition to the online payment facilities that the passenger is identified through the facility’s scanning camera system.

A special chip scanner is placed on the front glass of the vehicle, when the vehicle reaches the gate, all the processing is done automatically and the vehicle is allowed to pass.

Apart from this, in-app automatic payment facility is also provided through QR code, which is charged through digital account by frequent travelers.

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