Saudi Arabia: Long-awaited wish of foreigners in travel-restricted countries fulfilled!

Riyadh: The Saudi government has accepted the long-standing demand of certain categories of people in travel-restricted countries, now they will be allowed to come directly to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has not allowed all migrants to come directly from the banned countries, only those in special categories will be able to benefit from this facility, while they will have to quarantine hotels on arrival in the kingdom, during which corona vaccine will be given. And if the Code 19 test report is negative, the isolation may end.

Who will benefit from easing travel ban, what are the rules?

Saudi residency holders affiliated with the Department of Education in Saudi Arabia will be allowed to come directly, including teachers from schools, colleges and universities, as well as workers from technical education institutions and their families.

Meanwhile, foreign students with scholarships in Saudi Arabia can also come. Those in these categories will be quarantined in a hotel for a specified period after coming directly to Saudi Arabia, during which they will be vaccinated against corona. Then there will be a corona test.

Such individuals will have to provide proof if they have received the Saudi-approved vaccine, while those who receive synopham or synovic vaccine will be given a booster dose in the kingdom.

It may be recalled that the Saudi Ministry of Interior on Wednesday, October 6, announced a relaxation of the residence holders of the countries from which direct travelers are not allowed to come and conditionally allowed special persons to come directly to Saudi Arabia.

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