Saudi Arabia: Is it possible to travel with an ID card?

Muhammad Ali al-Qaeda, executive chairman of the Bahraini e-Government and Information Authority, has said that the only document required for travel between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is a passport.

According to the executive chairman, citizens of the two countries cannot visit each other through the “Tawaklana” and “Majtaat Waee” apps.

According to Saudi media, the Bahraini official denied the news circulating on the social media of both the countries, claiming that Saudi citizens can visit each other on Tawaklana and Bahraini citizens can get together. In this regard, it was argued that all the information of every citizen is provided in the said apps.

Citizen’s personal information, vaccine record, epidemic and recovery record, PCR report, when the first dose was taken and the second dose was taken or not and if so, when completed in this regard. There are details. When was the PCR sampled and reported? All this information is available in Tawaklan and Waee apps.

Dr. Zakaria Ahmed Al-Khaja, Deputy Chairman, Bahrain Electronic Transformation Agency, said that in the past, citizens of the two countries used to visit each other through national identity cards instead of passports.

Travel on National Identity Card was suspended during the epidemic, the parties may once again agree to travel permits through National Identity Card.

The Bahraini official said that the two countries have made significant progress in the digital sector, adding that the two countries are committed to further integrating their entire system in the future, in a way a sign of expansion in the historical ties between the two brotherly countries. Is.

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Asked if a checkpost system was being restored on the King Fahd Bridge connecting the two countries, the Bahraini official said there had been a lot of talk in this regard. Awaiting final decision, technical preparations are complete.

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