Saudi Arabia: Important Government Guidelines on Judicial Affairs

Riyadh: The Saudi Public Prosecution says that digital means can be used to inform the opposing party in criminal cases.

According to Saudi media, the government, citing a public prosecution report released on Twitter, said that in addition to the traditional method of informing the opposing party of a court summons or verdict in criminal cases, the law also uses digital means. can go.

The statement provided by the prosecution further said that the said method will not be applicable to the arrested prisoner in any case.

It should be noted that in court cases, according to the law, the traditional method of sending summons to the opposing party is by the police or the area councilor.

In addition, the plaintiff can issue summons or court notice directly to the opposing party, however, it is necessary to provide the receipt of the opposing party summons or notice.

Sending notices or summons using digital means also automatically registers the recovery procedure which can be proved in court.


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