Saudi Arabia: How much will the social profession permit fee be?

Riyadh: The social profession permit fee in Saudi Arabia will now be 400 riyals.

According to the details, the Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has said that under the new law, the social profession permit fee will be four hundred riyals, while the social profession permit must meet the educational qualifications required for the approved social profession and take a written exam. The fee of which is 150 riyals and the interview fee will be 100 riyals.

The fee for issuing a permit will be 150 Rials, the fee for extending a permit will be 150 Rials, and the fee for extending an overdue permit will be 300 Rials.

According to Akaz newspaper, social profession refers to psychologists, mental therapists and social affairs guides. The average salary of a social worker in Saudi Arabia ranges from 10,700 riyals to 36,100 riyals, while the average salary is 22,800 riyals.

According to the Ministry of Social Welfare, the purpose of the new law for social professions is to improve the quality of these professions, and develop them on modern lines.

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