Saudi Arabia hints at renewed sanctions? Warning issued

Riyadh: The Saudi government has warned that new forms of coronavirus are spreading rapidly.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Ministry of Health has issued a warning that new forms of corona are spreading rapidly, and that everyone should get both doses of the vaccine as soon as possible.

The Saudi ministry has warned the public about the rapid spread of the new variant of the epidemic, but no decision has yet been made on whether to re-impose a ban.

The ministry says citizens should continue to ban Corona SOPs, which can be pre-dated through the Health app or the Tawaklana app.

It is believed that new strains of the coronavirus are spreading rapidly around the world, but the epidemic is under control in Saudi Arabia and the rate of daily cases has dropped dramatically.

The Saudi Ministry of Health says the total number of corona cases in the kingdom has reached 545,624, while the number of those who have recovered is 534,639. Can be contacted at 937 at any time.

Keep in mind that the number of new cases of corona in Saudi Arabia is constantly decreasing, the number of active cases has also decreased.


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