Saudi Arabia hints at early investment in Iran

Saudi Arabia has signaled early investment in Iran.

Saudi Arabia’s Finance Minister Mohammad Al-Jadaan said in response to a question on CNBC’s program that both countries want stability and we will give each other opportunities and facilities for economic development.

Al-Jadaan said that the Iran-Saudi agreement has also pledged that both countries will respect each other’s security. Iran and Saudi Arabia are neighbors and they always have to live with each other.

It should be remembered that Saudi Arabia and Iran, mediated by China, agreed last Friday that within two months work will be done to restore relations and reopen embassies.

The statement issued after the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran on Friday said that the two countries had signed agreements in 2001 and 1998 on security cooperation, trade, economy, technology, science, culture, sports and youth affairs. The restoration has been agreed upon.

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