Saudi Arabia: Heavy rain forecast

Riyadh: There is a possibility of rain with thunder and lightning in different areas of Saudi Arabia from Sunday to Thursday.

According to Urdu News, the Saudi National Center of Meteorology says that there is a possibility of rain with thunder in different areas of the kingdom from Sunday to Thursday.

In the report released by the National Meteorological Center, it is said that along with rain, there is a strong possibility of hailstorm at some places, visibility may also be affected due to strong wind and dust.

Regarding the possible change in the weather, the National Center further says that the rain will start in the areas of Qasim, Eastern Region and Northern Borders from Monday, December 5, which will continue intermittently till Thursday.

The expected rainfall will extend to the eastern region and some areas of Riyadh, during which there is a possibility of light rain in some places and heavy rain in some places.

Some areas of Makkah are expected to experience light and moderate rains along with strong winds, which will spread to some areas of Asir, Jazan, Al-Baha and Madinah Munawarah.

The National Center further said that the rains are likely to continue till the end of this week.

On the other hand, Civil Defense says that those traveling on the highways should take special precautions in view of possible rain.

Before starting the journey on the highways during rain, check the wipers of the vehicle so that you do not face any problem while traveling during rain.

Also, do not cross floodwaters during rains in mountainous areas and avoid staying in low-lying areas.

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