Saudi Arabia has taken an important decision for the employees of private companies

An important decision has been taken by Saudi Arabia’s Human Resource Fund “Hadaf” to increase the “skills” of employees, to start a new training program for employees of companies and institutions belonging to the private sector. will

The MUSO training program named ‘Maharat’ is divided into two parts, one of which will be a training program of 10 days duration in which general types of skills will be developed.

According to the Human Resource Fund “Target”, the duration of the second training program will be 6 months, in which training will be given to develop access to special professional skills.

In this regard, Target says that both new and old employees can benefit from this program.

The Saudi authorities say that the purpose of the said training is to improve the professional skills and abilities of employees and align them with the demands of the market, for this, the support of prominent universities and training institutions will be obtained.

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