Saudi Arabia: Great Relief for Foreigners Affected by Direct Travel Ban

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport Department says it is directly extending free stays and visas to facilitate foreigners in countries under Saudi ban.

According to the details, the Saudi government has given relief to foreigners who cannot return to the country due to the direct travel ban, but this facility is not available for other countries. A fixed fee has to be paid.

A citizen inquired from the licenses that the company is in the red category, in which case the orders issued regarding the stay of the workers on leave and the extension of the exit period will be applicable?

The Saudi Passport Department clarified that only foreigners who are banned from traveling can benefit from the government’s special offer.

It is to be noted that the period of stay and departure of migrants from the affected countries will be extended free of cost till November 30, 2021 without any exception. However, the process of extension is going on in a phased manner.


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