Saudi Arabia: Great Convenience for Power Consumers

Riyadh: The Saudi government has taken important steps to alleviate the plight of electricity consumers by facilitating the payment of electricity bills in installments.

The Saudi Electric Company says that consumers can now pay their electricity bills in installments so that electricity is not cut off. In case of higher bills, installment facility is provided.

In this regard, a person on the Twitter account of the Saudi power company discovered that the electricity bill is quite high, is it possible to pay it in stages so that the power is not cut off.

Answering this question, the spokesman of the Saudi Electric Company said that timely payment of the bill is very important to maintain the electricity connection. However, in some cases, when the bill amount is high enough, it can be paid in installments for the convenience of the customers.

Explaining the method of bill payment by the power company in installments, it is stated that in order to pay the bill through bank account, one has to go to the bank’s “Sadad” option where after selecting the Saudi Electric Company the subscription number write. When the fixed electricity bill appears, it should be double-clicked, after which the amount can be paid by entering the required amount.

It should be noted that earlier, in order to pay the electricity bill in installments, one had to go to the office of the electric company where the installment was fixed after submitting the application.


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