Saudi Arabia: Further easing of sanctions, permission granted

Riyadh: The Saudi government is easing sanctions after gaining considerable control over the Corona epidemic, with 10 people now allowed to sit at a table in restaurants.

According to Arab media reports, 10 people have been allowed to sit at one table in the kingdom’s restaurants. The Saudi government has eased sanctions following the control of the Koroba epidemic in Saudi Arabia.

According to the report, the Ministry of Local Government Affairs has allowed up to 10 people to sit at a table in restaurants and cafe shops, up from 4 people previously allowed to sit at one table.

Saudi Arabia Ends Gender-Segregated Entrances For Restaurants

The Saudi ministry says that with the increase in the number of people sitting at the table, it is being emphasized that SOPs will be taken care of as before.

The Ministry of Local Government Affairs said that the instructions of the Ministry of Health will be fully followed and only those who have taken two doses of the vaccine will be allowed to enter the restaurant or cafe shop.

It is to be noted that after the corona epidemic has been brought under control to a large extent, normalcy is being restored in stages.


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