Saudi Arabia, foreigners were given great facilities

It has become possible to register newborn children of foreign residents online and make a birth certificate, the government of Saudi Arabia has taken a big step and made a procedure to register the children of foreigners.

Under this great facility, it has become possible for foreign residents living in the country to register their new-born children online and create birth certificates.

Saudi newspaper Akaz wrote in its report that foreigners living in the kingdom can now get their children’s birth certificates online.

Apart from this, registration of newborn can also be done at home through Abshar app. A major advantage of the new system is that even if one loses the birth certificate and has moved to a foreign country, one will still be able to access the birth certificates of one’s children from abroad.

In this regard, the Civil Affairs Department of Saudi Arabia has said that it was necessary for foreigners in Saudi Arabia to register their children by going to the institution’s office, for which they had to get a letter from the hospital called ‘Tabligh Waladat’. (Birth Report) is called,

This report would be submitted to the department after which the temporary birth certificate of the newborn would be issued and the regular birth certificate would be issued on completion of the vaccine course.

It has been reported that Madaniya Department of Health has made several changes in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the first change is that the hospital will release the birth report on its website.

Based on this report, the birth certificate can be obtained by approaching the department online

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