Saudi Arabia: Foreigners only have a few days’ respite, a warning is issued!

Riyadh: Immigrants living in Saudi Arabia who run illegal businesses on behalf of the Saudis have only a few days left.

According to Arab media reports, the country’s National Anti-Trade Coverage Agency has noted that there are only 11 days left in the deadline to legalize foreign companies on behalf of the Saudis.

The report said the agency had issued a reminder on the social networking site Twitter that immigrants should include illegal trade in the scope of the law before the deadline for “reform” expires on August 23, 2021. Get it. immunity from penalties imposed on foreigners doing business by name.

The National Anti-Trade Observatory has warned that measures will be taken against foreigners and Saudis that facilitate their trade if the reform is not taken advantage of, which is a special relief from the government.

The people in the country who want to incorporate illegal businesses into the scope of the law are the Link You can submit correction requests via

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