Home World Saudi Arabia: Employees face new test!

Saudi Arabia: Employees face new test!

Riyadh: The second phase of the profession test program has started in Saudi Arabia in which more professions have been added, now the employees of new fields will also be tested.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi Ministry of Manpower and Social Welfare has launched the second phase of the Workers’ Profession Test Program, which includes six new professions. Committed.

The second phase of the test will apply to large private companies with 500 to 2,999 employees.

Engineer Saad Al-Aqeel, Director, Professional Test Program, said that this process has been started to recruit the best workers in the quality of employees and professions.

Saudi Arabia: Employees’ exams begin!

He said that so far 205 out of 1999 professions have been made part of the special professions program and the professional test program would be gradually implemented in all the institutions of the state.

Engineer Saad Al-Aqeel said that the first phase of the test in Saudi Arabia was started in July 2021 by companies with 3,000 and more employees, while the second phase has started from September 1.


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