Saudi Arabia: Directive to provide more facilities in mental health centers

Riyadh: The Majlis Shura of Saudi Arabia has issued instructions that centers working for mental health in the kingdom should be developed on modern lines.

According to Urdu News, the Saudi Majlis Shura has demanded the National Center for Mental Health Promotion to prepare a scholarship strategy plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Majlis Shura held its 99th session of the current year in the house under the chairmanship of Vice President Dr. Mashal Al Salmi on Monday.

The Shura made the said demand after hearing the report of the Health Committee on the annual report of the financial year 2022-23 by the National Center for Promotion of Mental Health.

Shoora called upon the Center for Promotion of Mental Health to prepare a scheme for the promotion of its sources of income and in this regard organize solidarity and partnership with the private sector as well as the endowment department and the non-profit sector.

Shoura asked the Forough Mental Health Center to review its management structure and name its institutions appropriately with their responsibilities.

Shura members expressed their opinions and suggestions after listening to the report, Shura member Fazl Al-Buanain called on the Jbeil and Yanbu Royal Commission to work together with the relevant institutions to meet the challenge of declining industrial investment in Yanbu Industrial City. Arrange to deal with.

A comprehensive strategy should be developed to make Yanbu Industrial City attractive for industrialists.

Another member, Shura Nasir al-Daghithar, said that the Royal Commission should coordinate with the relevant institutions to organize tourism, cultural programs and sports so that investors and tourists come to Yanbu Industrial City in large numbers.

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