Saudi Arabia: Difficulties for foreign drivers!

Riyadh: The Saudi passport department has given an important explanation to the local citizen regarding ‘Haroob’.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudis inquired about the licenses online, saying that my family driver (foreigner) has been implicated in the harassment, which is to be canceled, what will be the procedure?

In the country, the passport department replied that a domestic driver who has a Hurob has a two-week period to be canceled, during which time he can be canceled from the Hurob Abshar portal.

Under Saudi law, if a migrant is found to be in hiding, he or she can be canceled within two weeks, otherwise the principal seals the principal’s data.

Important news for deported foreigners, can Saudi Arabia return?

In that case, they will not be able to renew their residency and other documents. It is easy to cancel a person who has had a stroke in two weeks, but after a certain period of time, this stage becomes very difficult.

Later, a formal case has to be filed in the Labor Office. Keep in mind that the same is imposed on your employees by the sponsor or employer, it is a kind of complaint that is filed as a result of an illegal act. If the case proves to be correct, then the wanted person is deported.


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