Saudi Arabia: Deported Immigrants Receiving Relief?

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport and Immigration Department has issued a new explanation regarding foreigners deported as a result of ‘Hurob’.

According to the details, the report of Haroob escape is filed by the employer, if the allegation is proved, the foreign employees are deported. Can Saudi Arabia come again?

The Saudi passport department clarified that there was no truth in such reports circulating on social media, and that no such report had been received officially.

In the country’s labor law, workers fleeing from their employer is considered the most serious crime. This act is legally called Harob.

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The person who has the Hrub file, his file is sealed in the Licensing and Labor Office after 15 days, Hrub can be canceled within fifteen days after which the duration of the proceedings is extended.

Deportation orders are issued if the allegations are proved during the investigation of the concerned agencies.


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