Riyadh: Saudi authorities thwarted attempts to smuggle large quantities of narcotics, authorities have also arrested three suspects.

According to the Saudi website, the Saudi Customs Department thwarted two attempts to smuggle large quantities of narcotics, with shipments arriving at the port of Jeddah trying to smuggle narcotics totaling 8.3 million. Is told.

The Customs and Taxation and Zakat Authority said that a shipment of onions arriving at the Islamic port of Jeddah was inspected in which narcotic pills were hidden, the total number of smuggled pills was 3 million 54 thousand.

The second drug smuggling operation was carried out with buckets of silicone glue. The accused had skillfully hidden the narcotic pills in the boxes of silicone glue which numbered 5,281,250.

Customs Authority teams expertly tracked down the smuggled drugs using trained police dogs. The Customs Authority arrested three suspected drug smugglers.

Saudi officials are interrogating the suspects.



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