Saudi Arabia: Another big news for travelers after the lifting of the ban

Riyadh: After the announcement of lifting the travel ban by Saudi Arabia, an important directive was also issued regarding the country’s airports.

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia) has made it clear to all domestic and foreign passengers that unvaccinated citizens will not be allowed to enter any airport in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia says corona vaccine is the main condition for entry into the country’s airports.

The airline also said that the government ban requires that the main condition for entering Saudi Arabia’s airports be to be vaccinated with the corona vaccine, and passengers must prove this through the Trust app.

Good news for the residency holder going to Saudi Arabia

The airline of the country instructed the passengers who want to know the rules of travel to Link Refer to

It is to be noted that Saudi Civil Aviation has recently relaxed the temporary travel restrictions imposed on certain countries. According to the guidelines, people with full vaccination will be allowed to enter the country. Temporary ban on holders of residence in other countries including Pakistan has been lifted.


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