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Saudi Arabia announces new SOPs and sanctions

Riyadh: The Saudi government has announced SOPs and various restrictions for the new academic year.

According to Arab media reports, the Ministry of Health in the country has issued Corona SOPs for schools on the eve of the new academic year, which will be implemented in classrooms and school transport.

The Saudi Ministry of Health has imposed a number of restrictions on the start of a new academic session, including taking into account social distance, introducing a new system in the classroom, and keeping a distance of at least one and a half meters from one student to another. Yes, student desks will not be face to face.

Partitions at every table in educational institutions will have to be arranged as much as possible, new procedures will have to be adopted for the use of lab rooms under the new regulations, and social distance restrictions will also be imposed on schools.

Good news for Saudi students!

The front seats in the school bus will have to be left vacant, students will be seated from home to school, students will be able to board any bus within 50% of the capacity.

The Ministry of Health has emphasized that while waiting for the bus, one should keep a distance of at least one and a half meters.


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