Riyadh: The Saudi Public Transport Authority has introduced procedures for foreign trucks in the kingdom, the authority will implement a new strategy in cooperation with the relevant government agencies.

Saudi Arabia’s neighboring countries use trucks for cargo, goods are transported from one country to another by trucks, these trucks also come to Saudi Arabia and pass through Saudi Arabia to neighboring countries.

According to the state news agency SPA, the Public Transport Authority has taken into account in the new procedure that truck drivers or owners coming to the country from different countries should not do business from within the country and the business of Saudi trucks should not be affected.

The authority has imposed a ban on trucks coming from outside the country to get an entry permit and their route will be determined. They will not be allowed to move goods from one place to another in the country without a permit.

The Public Transport Authority has warned that investigative teams have been deployed to enforce the policy on foreign trucks.

The teams have made 117 field trips since the beginning of the year. Ninety percent of the bans have been recorded.

The public authority has appealed to those who see foreign trucks violating the prescribed procedure to report the contact number or email.