Saudi Arabia: An important decision for the convenience of foreigners

Riyadh: The Saudi government has made important decisions for the convenience and convenience of domestic and foreign people, under which passport issues can be resolved at home.

In Saudi Arabia, the passport department has said that 16 transactions can be done through the online “Abshar” platform, without the need to consult licensing offices.

According to Saudi Arabian media, the passport department said in a statement that thanks to digital technology, the passport department is doing a lot of work through the Abshar platform. ۔

Military personnel can obtain travel permits online, the passport department said. Many tasks are being performed online, including inquiries about the arrival of new staff and visitors, fingerprints, required service fee balances, or information on a resident foreigner’s report.

In a statement, the passport department said that the stay was not effective, the health insurance of foreigners residing was effective, family information, passport inquiries, travel records, inquiries regarding the return of staff from abroad, Hajj. Locals or expatriates do not need to visit the Passport Department offices to find out their entitlement, exit and return visa records and border entry numbers. All this work is being done online.

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