Saudi Arabia: Amazing fish living in the desert, video goes viral

It is a fact that fish is an aquatic animal and its arrival on land is nothing but death, but nature has made it possible.

Yes !! In the deserts of Saudi Arabia, there are also fishes that can survive without water for a long time.

In this regard, a video has been circulating on social media and has become the focus of users’ attention, in which it is told about the fish that exists in the Saudi deserts.

The video shows a man holding a large fish. This individual is in the middle of the desert near Wadi al-Ramah in Saudi Arabia, confirming that these fish go into summer hibernation year after year.

In this regard, Dr. Ali Al-Sheikhi, CEO of Fisheries Sector Development, told that this type of fish is also called ‘catfish’, ‘silver fish’ or ‘Qarmut fish’ and it was given this name because of this. is because it has 4 pairs. This fish has horn-like antennae at the front of its head and resembles a cat.

He said that catfish have small lungs that help them stay above the surface of the water for about 8 hours, since they are among the fish that live in lakes north of the equator, so they There are more victims in summer and dry seasons.

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God has given them the ability to create a sticky layer around themselves. Thus they maintain body moisture during dry days for about 8 months and can survive without water.

This process, which occurs in reptiles and organisms that live both on land and in water, is called the hibernation period.

He further said that after the drought and rainy season, they go out with the flow of water in search of food with the help of their antennae and start walking on land and the same thing happened in Wadi al-Ramah last year as well. From where these types of fish are found.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Harithi, a marine ecologist at the National Center for Wildlife Development, said that the North African catfish or “African catfish” is native to Africa and has spread to many countries in the world. This type of fish is found in Asia, They are also found in Europe and South America, while in Saudi Arabia they have been seen in Wadi Hanifa and Wadi Al-Ramma.

He further said that these fish appeared in Wadi al-Rama many years ago where this fish was also introduced in Saudi Arabia mainly for fish farming purposes. This fish is common in the fish farms of Qasim area. They move with the flood during floods.

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