Saudi Arabia: A great achievement of a young student, saved the girl from burning

Riyadh: An 11-year-old Saudi boy, Malik Al-Rawili, rescued a girl from a house fire in the Arar area of ​​Saudi Arabia, but failed to save a five-year-old boy.

According to Saudi media, Malik al-Rawili’s father said that he was going to drop his son off at school when he stopped for breakfast in Al-Rayyan neighborhood of Arar. Meanwhile, smoke billowed from the house adjacent to the restaurant, and a woman was calling for help.

“My son risked his life to enter the house that was engulfed in flames and pulled out a girl who was sitting on the steps, then went out again to get the five-year-old out, but the fire broke out,” said Al-Rawili’s father. By this time it was very widespread.

Malik Al-Rawili could not see anything inside the house due to the smoke, he had difficulty breathing due to the smoke and he could hardly get out of the house, due to which the five-year-old child inside the house Could not be saved

The school administration held a ceremony in honor of Malik Al-Rawili and presented him with prizes. School teacher Bandar Al-Khammali said on the occasion that he greets his student for his courage and determination.

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