Saudi Airlines lost Mahira Khan’s bag, the actress tweeted

Saudi Airlines lost Mahira Khan's bag, the actress tweeted

: Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has suffered a big problem. Actually the actress had gone to Arabia recently. Where the airlines have lost one of their suitcases. So the actress looks very upset and she has expressed her dissatisfaction with the airlines through a tweet. The actress recounted in her tweet that she has not received any updates on her bag since three.

Indeed, Mahira Khan, angry at not recovering her lost bag even after three days, took her anger out on the airlines by posting on Twitter. She wrote in her tweet: “It’s been 3 days since I arrived and Saudi Airlines lost one of my bags. Despite speaking to staff multiple times a day, still no update on my bag.” her that she will respond shortly after this tweet. In this tweet, the actress has also tagged Saudi Airlines. She reports that Mahira Khan is in Jeddah due to the Red Sea Film Festival.

Whereas earlier a photo of Mahira Khan was going viral on social media. In which she is seen sitting at the same table with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. In this picture, both of them were smiling while looking at each other. Tell them that you both met at the Red Sea Film Festival.

Let’s say Mahira Sharma made her Bollywood debut through the movie ‘Pathan’. Shahrukh Khan was seen with him in this movie. The couple of both liked a lot in the movie. However, after this, the actress has yet to appear in any Hindi film.

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