Earthquake in WWE. This Monday everything pointed to a ‘quiet’ Raw, but that calm was blown up when Sasha Banks and Naomi decided to leave the pavilion. Both, holders of the tag team titles since WrestleMania, had been scheduled for the main match of the night. They would not fight as a team, they would be in a six match against Becky Lynch, Asuka, Doudrop and Nikki ASH As reported by Fight Full, Banks went to Vince McMahon’s office and the two had a discussion. Not reaching an agreement, Sasha showed her anger at the creative role she had to take and decided to leave the program, something that Naomi seconded.who in principle was destined to win… at least that’s what they point out from the aforementioned website, although the fight had no assigned producer or referee.

The story could perfectly be a common thread of a rivalry, but it is not. WWE issued an official statement after Raw. He apologized to the fans for not being able to offer the planned fight and reported that Banks and Naomi went to the office of John Laurinaitis, Head of WWE Relations and Talent, left the tag team titles on your table and left the pavilion. The company regretted this situation and reflected that the anger came from “working with two fighters with whom they had already worked.” All reports suggest that the problem came from Doudrop and Nikki ASH, although it is not officially confirmed. The news left Raw in the background, and the earthquake may be greater. The dismissal of both fighters is not ruled out, the case of Sasha Banks being very important. She is one of the main female faces and in the ring she is one of the most talented fighters.

WWE had to react, and far from leaving a fight to four, decided that the star duel would be a hand in hand between Becky Lynch and Asuka. The Japanese won and will be Bianca Belair’s challenger for the Raw Championship at Hell in a Cell (June 5). In that PPV it was also confirmed that Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins will face each other for the third time, this time it will be inside a cage. In that structure the faces Bobby Lashley and Omos were seen. The giant broke the cage with Lashley’s body, who was able to put both feet on the ground, which gave him victory. On the other hand, Liv Morgan seems to join AJ Styles and Finn Balor, the confrontation they have with Edge and Damian Priest, who was joined by Rhea Ripley, justifies it. This Monday she appeared with them. Styles and Balor defeated Los Lotharios (Ángel Garza and Humberto Carrillo) and Liv celebrated with them.

Following the line of Latinos, they reappeared Rey and Dominic Mysterio, they did it to help Mustafa Ali, who was going to fight Austin Theory and found himself dueling Veer Mahaan with The Miz as the special referee. Once the fight was over he was going to be beaten and the Mysterios helped him. On the other hand, to sell the unification of titles in pairs that will be on SmackDown, matt riddle won in an individual fight against Jey Uso. In addition, Alexa Bliss beat Sonya Deville and Ezekiel to Chad Gable.


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