Sarthe: a woman finds herself facing a snake in the shower

This resident of Saint-Paul-le-Gauthier in the Sarthe had a big fright. And for good reason, while she was taking her shower on the evening of Wednesday, September 8, a snake came up through the pipes before ending up at her feet.

It was around 8 p.m. that the story, reported by West France, begin. 27-year-old Deborah is quietly taking a shower when she feels a strange sensation on her feet. She then looks down and discovers with horror that she is sharing her shower with a snake.

“When I felt it on my feet, I screamed and ran out,” she recounts daily.

Warned by Deborah’s cries, her companion arrives in the bathroom. He discovers the frightened and paralyzed young woman, and in the shower, the reptile over a meter long. Calm and responsive, he quickly identifies the animal using the internet: an Aesculapius snake, a seemingly harmless snake.

After deciding not to notify the fire department, Deborah’s partner manages to capture the snake using a stick and cardboard, then releases it back into the wild.

The presence of the reptile, which can reach a length of 1 meter 60, could be explained by “a lack of sealing, outside the house, of the sewerage network”. The couple have started renovating to avoid making new bad encounters … in the shower.

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