“Candela” under the direction of Andrés Farías brought back the Dominican actress Sarah Jorge León, who unfolds into a leading character that has earned her the award for “Best Actress” at the recent Dominican Film Festival in New York.

Sarah played in this film the enigmatic Sera Peña Blanca, a millionaire heiress about to marry a powerful man in politics, but who in her background unleashes her darkest desires and truth, giving her as an actress an overflow of expressiveness that took out her totally out of your comfort zone to achieve your greatest interpretive challenge.

For Jorge León, this character gave him the opportunity to show off the hard work and preparation that from the beginning of his career have forged his career, becoming “unrecognizable” for many for his remarkable performance:

“I knew since I received the script… I knew that it was a gift for me as an actress to work on this character because of its complexity and its silence. Receiving this award, and so many positive reviews from film connoisseurs, gives me a tremendous boost and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to make films again in the DR, ”Sarah said in a press release.

Along with Sarah, Félix Germán and César Domínguez lead the cast that also includes Dominican actors Frank Perozo, Judith Rodríguez, Pepe Sierra, Lidia Ariza, Yamilé Scheker, Richardson Díaz, Ruth Emeterio and Gerardo Mercedes.

The tenth edition of the Dominican Film Festival of New York (DFFNYC), presented in its official program more than 100 films of Creole production, among them “Candela”, becoming the largest and only celebration of the Dominican film industry outside the Republic Dominican.

Currently Sarah along with her sister Nina Jorge León and Desirée Reyes are in pre-production of the film “Camaleón”, in addition to working on the launch of their book of poems “Blue: Between the Moon and the Sea”.

More about Sarah Jorge León:

In film, Sarah has played important roles such as “Lia” in “La Soga 2” (Manny Pérez), whose premiere opened in (TIFF); “Las Siete Muertes” directed by the Goya-winning director, Gerardo Herrero; blockbusters such as “Lotoman” and “Lotoman 2.0” (Archie López); “Al Sur de la Inocencia” (Héctor Valdéz), presented on HBO GO, and for which Jorge León was nominated for the “Soberano” and “La Silla” awards. Sarah Jorge León has also served as a producer and actress in projects such as: "Death by Designer", "Remember him" and "despues de", winner of the People ‘s Choice Award 2019



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