Sarah Hyland, the actress who gave life to “Hayley”, the Dunphy’s eldest daughter in the multi-award-winning American comedy series “Modern Family”, turns 31 this Wednesday of a life marked by success in acting, but also from the pain of permanent kidney disease.

Hyland was born with renal dysplasia, a morphological alteration of the kidney produced during its development. The patient with this pathology can develop cysts over time, which prevent the normal functioning of the organ. Unfortunately, the case of the actress is a serious one.

He has undergone two kidney transplants, dialysis and years of medication to avoid organ rejection. Two of the donors have been her father and younger brother.

Due to all these processes, part of the public has come to think that the actress has undergone plastic operations due to the constant body changes that she presented in the series. However, it is the medications he was taking that changed his body.

He even thought about suicide: “After 26, 27, years of being sick and in chronic pain every day, you don’t know when you’re going to have the next good day. It’s really tough. I wrote letters in my head to my loved ones telling why I had done it, the reasoning for the decision and that it was no one’s fault. I didn’t want to write it on paper because I didn’t want anyone to find it. ” The revelation was made to Ellen DeGeneres in a television interview.

Sarah managed to overcome those suicidal thoughts and about the scars left by the 16 surgeries to which she has been subjected, in the end she claims to be proud of each one of them.

“I was never ashamed to show my scars. For someone so thin, having a stomach that looks like a New Jersey road map shows who I am and what character I have. I am cured, I am fine, and I am very grateful to my entire family. I believe that love is the most important thing in the world. Love and health, of course. But love helps you get through it all, and that’s what keeps me alive, ”Hyland said.

+ Passion for singing

Sarah has shown an affinity for all the arts on countless occasions. Despite having built a career in the acting world, the actress has expressed her love for singing.

He assures that he enjoys it a lot and does not rule out entering at some point in his life officially as a singer.

Hyland has participated in several covers of famous songs.

The most watched cover is of the song “Closer”, by The Chainsmokers. He did it five years ago in collaboration for the Boyce Avenue YouTube channel. To date, the video has more than 122 million views and feedback is quite positive.

+ Personal life

In 2017 Sarah began a relationship with fellow actor Wells Adams. They got engaged in July 2019. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the “Modern Family” actress has had to postpone her wedding.

The actress had just gotten over a stormy relationship with her colleague Matt Prokop, for four years after they met in 2010.

In 2011 they starred in the movie “Geek Charming” and, in addition, the actor appeared in an episode of “Modern Family”.

The relationship became unbearable. In August 2014, he was awarded a permanent restraining order for gender violence against him for physically and verbally abusing her during their courtship.

“Many people think that once you escape an abusive situation, that’s it, it ends there. But it’s not like that. The emotional trauma and scars on your soul don’t go away, and they have consequences throughout your life if you don’t ask for help, ” he said in an interview on the Refinery29 website.

His life from his childhood was inclined towards acting. She was born on November 24, 1990, in New York City, to a home of actor parents: Melissa Canaday and Edward James Hyland. She is the sister of actor Ian Hyland.

He started his career at an early age. At the age of six, he had his first role in the movie “Private Parts.” He participated in various roles and television series until he reached “Modern Family” in 2009, a project that earned him international recognition.

For her role on the series, she has received critical acclaim and numerous nominations, including a Critics Choice Television Award nomination, for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.



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