Sanz Lovatón claims to be creating a “new Customs” in the country

The General Director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón highlighted the transformations that are taking place in the General Directorate of Customs to facilitate trade and promote comprehensive development.

Presenting the achievements of his two years in office, the head of that institution summed up that a new Customs office is being created in the Dominican Republic.

In the opinion of Sanz Lovatón, said transformations are the result of the improvements and digitization of a series of processesthe implementation of programs such as D24H (Dispatch in 24 Hours), Exporta+, and a new legal framework that, by providing guarantees, in turn, attracts more investment in the sector.

A palpable example is the program, Exporta+, implemented by the DGA in October 2021 with the aim of promoting the growth of this item, giving exporters more facilities and maintaining close support, which has translated into more than US$4,000 million exported through 41 thousand 684 export declarations.

These figures have been possible thanks to the reduction of the physical inspection of national exports, as part of the benefits granted by the program "D24H" (24-hour dispatch), to which Some 105 companies have been welcomed.

“It is a sign of the priority that the government of Luis Abinader has, to make logistics the next great economic line of the Dominican Republic, thus empowering our industries, as we are already seeing,” said Sanz Lovatón.

He assured that the decrease in physical inspections and the speeding up of container dispatches, have been made possible by the implementation of the non-intrusive inspection system through a modern x-ray scanner, installed in the port of Haina in February of this year, which has made it possible to identify some 87 findings of different customs offenses to date.

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It is also recalled that in August 2021 the DGA achieved the enactment of a new Customs Law, which replaced a 68-year-old legislation, and then officially launched the “MOR” Risk Engine technology platform.

Also, it implemented several improvements in the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE), and increased the certifications for Authorized Economic Operator (OEA), aimed at facilitating exports.

All these improvements and programs have had a positive impact on the increase in collections, where the income of this tax administration has grown by more than 30% in the last two years, going from RD$144,226 million in 2019, to RD$191,990 in 2021, while so far this year we have raised RD$140, 192 million.

Transparency and institutionality

The Strategic Plan developed by the current management for the period 2022-2026 places transparency, institutionality and quality of services at the forefront.

In this sense, the DGA began, in April, the implementation of the ISO 37001 standards for Anti-Bribery Management Systems and ISO 37301 on Regulatory Compliance Management Systemsas standard in all its services

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