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Sanz and Galán, a surprise couple

Sanz and Galán, a surprise couple

This season partner changes are a constant in the WPT, and In fact, this week in Vienna Lucho Capra and Maxi Sánchez return together for their third time as a couplewith what Javi Garrido and Lucas Campagnolo recover the relationship that ended in a tortuous way last season although the Brazilian recognized that his was a heat. As Jon Sanz was left unmatched, he plays in Austria with Coki Nieto, orphan of a Pablo Lima who suffered from an injury. He also was left without a partner Alejandro Arroyo (formerly of Capra), who reconnected with Gonzalo Rubio due to Javi Ruiz’s injury.

As every week there is now a tournament these days Ale Galán has had to find a partner for the Marbella Master, from May 31 to June 4. Juan Lebrón’s injury forces the man from Madrid to make that decision because there are many appointments without competing, and although they have recovered number one for a few days, missing the Vienna Open sends Galán and Lebrón back to number two.

Galán has already trained this last Sunday with Jon Sanz to prepare what will be the second Master of the season. The 22-year-old left-handed drive from Navarre, this campaign is being an emergency fire extinguisher. He stood out last year alongside Lamperti although they ended up separating and he played with Moyano, and this season he has been changing partners every so often: he started with Javi Leal, he has played a great role with Javi Garrido, now he is playing this week with Coki Nieto, and then with Galán, with whom Combining the points of both will presumably come out among the top four in the ranking, which will allow Galán to keep points and Sanz to boost his individual ranking: he is now ranked 22nd.

In theory it is a couple of circumstances and with the expiration marked in the time that Lebrón needs to return to Galán’s side; Configurations of this type have already occurred on many occasions, the most significant being at the time that of Belasteguín with the Spanish Willy Lahoz, which allowed the Madrid legend to win his first tournament in the WPT.

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