Sanyo resurfaces in its new challenge

So far in 2023 in the paddle tennis season has not left anyone indifferent. While everyone tries to keep up with the team made up of Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello (who have won all their tournaments played on the World Padel Tour), the rest of the players have moved in the best way they could to increase the competitive level and therefore try to bring down the Spanish-Argentine duo. In this list of changes, the figure of Sanyo Gutiérrez has been found, who with Momo González seems to re-emerge from his “lethargy”.

On the blue track, the change of the Argentine, who was trying to establish himself this year with Fernando Belasteguin, by Momo González, it seems that it has suited him well. At least that could be said in the short term. The connection with the man from Malaga has been felt as immediateand although finding a place in this year’s finals is proving to be a very difficult option, in the two tournaments that they have played together in the semifinal if it has seemed like a sufficiently ambitious challenge enough to reach that ‘top 4’ in the championships organized by World Padel Tour.

Photo: APO CABALLERO |  Instagram: @APOFOTO

For the ‘wizard’ of San Luis this is great news. Somehow savoring the last stages of the tournaments has made me regain confidence. At his side, he has a roadrunner who, in addition to looking like a contortionist, proves to be capable of reaching any ball that is thrown at him, however impossible it may seem. Before that job, Sanyo has not lost touch to cook the points, also waiting for the exact moment to change things with a blow of the shovel.

In Vigo and in Brussels, Sanyo and Momo managed to reach the semifinals. In the first tournament together they lost 6-4 0-6 6-7 to Martín Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczukwith the ‘superkids’ seeking to be an alternative in the top positions. In the second, they ran into the return of Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebron, who won 6-4 6-4. However, the semifinals do not seem a bad starting point to grow.

With a career that has made him an experienced paddle tennis player, Sanyo Gutierrez not only has he become one of the best players on the tour in 10×20, but he has also reached a status where playing alongside him can be very beneficial if you are a young player, like momo gonzalez. And if they don’t tell Agustín Tapia, who was by his side in 2022 and today he wears the crown as number 1 of the World Padel Tour.

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