Sanyo Gutiérrrez: “Right now I’m lying down, without a partner”

The Argentine team for the Padel World Cup trained yesterday at a club near Madrid, discreetly, without publicity, to avoid the spotlight in a moment, although coincidences lead you to run into a protagonist and… Sanyo Gutiérrez is a man with news: “I didn’t know, although I could sense it; Next year I will not play with Tapìa. He confirmed it to me today, ”says the player, who traveled from Alicante where he directs the paddle tennis part of a club where the tennis player Carlos Alcaraz trains with whom“ we sometimes play ”, he smiles.

– Has Tapia told you that he will play with Coello?

-That’s not my thing anymore. I have seen that you have published it in AS, but it is theirs. If Coello played on the reverse, I could be interested as a partner, right?

– Hurt?

-No way. I have been telling Agustin that he has to think about his future, that he is going more and I, due to age, less. Now, if we have won six tournaments and reached eleven semifinals, we could have continued for another year.

-But isn’t it true that you contacted Juan Tello?

-But to dispute the Premier, that Agustín could not play it. He told me at that time that he wanted to finish the season with Chingotto, and that he would see later.

-What do you think of Coello as Tapìa’s partner?

-I don’t know who his partner will be, because that’s up to them. I know Coello from Valladolid, from training together, and I think he is a good boy, with criteria and a worker. Now, I thought that with the results that he is obtaining, he would continue with Belasteguín for another year. Look, in October I thought that the way the season was going there would be no changes,

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-Well, you see, no. And what about yours?

-Well, right now I’m lying down, without a partner for next year, and to see how events unfold and waiting for how the situation is resolved. I think someone will want to play with me.

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