Sanyo and Belasteguín will exchange with Momo and Yanguas

Daniel Sanyo Gutiérrez and Fernando Belasteguín They started their second time together this season, but they have only played two WPT tournaments and another Premier. Then Bela’s injuries arrived, and although today the news could not be confirmed with the protagonists, it is practically certain that they will be rivals for the next tournamentbecause they both occupy fifth and sixth place in the ranking, and they are two quality former number ones, they want to continue in the pomade and they need younger players by their side,

The curious thing about this relationship is that both have set their sights on a recently created couple to complement each other, thus avoiding another cascade of changes: the Andalusians Momo González and Mike Yanguas, who have been together for two weeks, with a win in Reus and eliminated in the round of 16 this Thursday in Granada.

Momo will play, it seems, with Sanyo, with what will be his third partner in three months after starting with Álex Ruizwhile Yanguas would go with Belasteguin, and as a fourth partner. It was also speculated that the exchange would be with Álex Ruiz and Tello, but last winter the two declined to play with Bela and Sanyo. In addition, both provide Sanyo and Bela with the complement they need: Momo, a lot of mobility and defense, as well punching; Yanguas, an offensive right-wing player to the liking of Bela.

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