Santolino: “It touches an almost more difficult objective, to improve the sixth one”

In her case, the third time was the charm. Lorenzo Santolino (Salamanca, 34 years old) managed to see the finish line in the previous Dakar, something that had resisted him before, and he also did it in a great sixth position on motorcycles, being the best Spaniard in the category. So, once you’ve achieved your first great ambition, you have to renew it and aim higher. “It is a Dakar different from the others. Until now the objective was to finish and it was impressive, but now it is another almost more difficult one, to try to improve that sixth”, assures in an act in Madrid.

For this, the Salamanca has an improved Sherco which he hopes will help him be even more competitive and raise the bar: “We have worked a lot on a new bike that will give us more options to be competitive. It is very reliable and has good performance, so we started with a good foundation and confidence. The rear end is narrower, the riding position is more enduro and it’s more manageable because the weights have been lowered and the aerodynamics have also been redesigned. “

He has already competed with his new tool in the Rally of Morocco, where he was 17th and in which he began a period of adaptation that he has not completed. “It was a short preparation, We have not done enough kilometers for me to adapt to the new sensations, but I feel more comfortable than with the previous one “, he explains, hence his strategy is to go from less to more:” I would like it to be so. Physically, it is the Dakar that I arrive at the best, I will try not to lose too much in the first days and take advantage of the physical in the second week “.

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He likes that the organization leaves behind doing the whole competition with only six tires: “We can change every day, it has been a very successful step for safety.” Also that he does not go to the ‘Empty Quarter’ and that the marathon stage arrives so soon, the second day: “I even almost prefer it because if they put it at the end you are playing more.” And ask the Dakar for two things: “That it does not hurt me and that they continue with a difficult navigation, because that way they generate one more incentive. “With all the ingredients, he sees the Top 5 possible: “I can do it”.

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