Santo Domingo seeks miracles

Santo Domingo It will be today from 9:00 p.m.follow the game live on something similar to a field hospital (sports, it is understood) to the south of the capital. A space to hug seriously injured that they will look in their green for palliative options with which heal wounds deep. Bleeding The kind that need more than an aspirin to suture. Earning three points is, for Alcorcón and Leganés, something similar to putting acetylsalicylic acid in a vein. A momentary patch, but necessary in the way of the cross of their illnesses. A temporary pain reliever formula in the face of greater evils and long-haul.

The future looks dark. So, to clarify, first you have to look at the immediate present, which on both teams is also smudged carbon black. At Alcorcón, because despite the improvement in recent games (triumph against Burgos, Numantine resistance against Sporting) those of Jorge Romero they are still embedded in a low area of ​​the table that acts as a dangerous magnet for the potter’s spirit. A triumph before a team like him Leganes, called (on paper) to playoff levels would serve as a momentary relief, but the yellow ones know that the work with which to avoid relegation will need more than a victory. In any case, the triumph would be un excellent prologue.

The antecedents invite optimism. In Second, the Leganes He has only assaulted the house of his southern neighbor once (last year) and in their duels in professional categories the Lega was only able to knock him down three times. To maintain the trend, the Alcor will not be able to count on José Carlos, Xisco, Gorostidi and Bellvís due to injury. Marc Gual will not be due to suspension. At least they come back Laure and Zarfino. Will also play Dani Jimenez, incomplete, but omnipresent hero in defeat to him Sporting. The safety of the goalkeeper has become the burning nail of the yellows.

Garitano and defense

For him Leganes, the Lebrijano could become (repeated) wailing wall. Nothing new in a team with problems to transform their goals, but above all to avoid conceding them. “In every game they mark us and thus it is difficult to fight for any objective “came to admit sincerely a Asier Garitano whose main obsession is defensive weakness.

Lega is the third team to fewer shots received, but the sixth to which easier they mark goal. A weakness that could invite revolution in a rear that today will not have one of its sandy pillars. Omeruo will be low. Tarin points to natural replacement, although Bergara’s could be inventive to locate Javi hernandez in the axis of the rear and give ownership to the youth squad Joserra.

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Rotations That could also affect the rest of the team, in part due to the need to rest in the face of a loaded calendar, in part due to the Blue and Whites’ inability to find a way, that of victory, which is resisting them to the point of bloody limits. And since without triumphs there is no paradise, the atmosphere of Leganés has transmuted into an unbreathable atmosphere that vomits its hatred towards Asier Garitano. The one of Bergara He seems headed for a way out that could be sped up if the results continue to turn their backs on him. Casualties don’t help you. To that of Omeruo you have to join those of Bustinza, Avilés, Quintillà, Bautista and Sabin Merino. These last two leave the technician with only a ‘9’: Borja Garcés. Little artillery for a duel with warlike overtones. Because Santo Domingo Today it will be the closest thing to a field hospital (sports, it is understood) south of the capital).


Alcorcón: José Carlos, Xisco, Gorostidi and Bellvís due to injury. Marc Gual by penalty. Laure and Zarfino are back

Leganes: Garitano will not be able to count on Sabin Merino, Omeruo, Bustinza, Quintillà, Avilés and Bautista due to injury. Only Perea returns. Rubio, Joserra, Alba and Naim, homegrown players on the list.


Aim. The Alcorcón enjoys a recurring problem. It is difficult for him to score almost as much as to breathe in the second well. Improving your efficiency is capital.

Confidence. Something has broken in the bosom of a Leganés who breathes convulsion. Internal External Forgetting all these factors to believe in your options will be key.

Packing. In Gijón the team made a leap in quality in terms of tactics. Together lines and growing competitiveness. Key elements to improve your results.

Armor. Leganés is the third team that receives the fewest shots, but the sixth with the most goals scored. You need to avoid visitor efficiency to improve.


Gorosito: The Argentine has begun to take stripes on defense and has become an essential player in defensive aspects.

Fede Vico: Cordovan has become a reference for the struggle that the public demands from a Leganés lacking, at times, the nerve it gives him.

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