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Santiago Mouriño can form the best defense in the Second Division in Zaragoza

The offensive plot of the Maño team is already reinforced and now it is their turn to empower the defense, where Francés needs trustworthy partners, and one of Atlético’s recent signings could be the solution.

A few days ago, Atlético de Madrid closed the signing of the Uruguayan defender Santiago Mouriño, who could arrive very soon at the Real Zaragoza. The 21-year-old boy from the Racing Club of Uruguay, was the last bet of the mattress cluband as a young player (21 years old) he will follow the protocol of the Argentine coach, Diego Simeone.

This is none other than going out on loan to a second division team, or failing that, a first division team, although the balance is tilted in favor of Zaragoza. The relationship between the two entities has strengthened in recent years, and Andrea Berta considers that in the blanquillo club she has more possibilities. So the signing of Santiago Mouriño is a matter of time.

Santiago Mourino Zaragoza
Mouriño is one of Atlético’s latest signings, but Simeone gave him the authorization to transfer him to Zaragoza.

The greatest virtue of Santiago Mouriño, the next signing of Zaragoza

He is a central defender from Uruguay, who was trained in the Club Nacional youth academy, but in January last year he was signed by Racing Club. His 1.87m height and slim but strong build make him a quick defender who anticipates the movements of opposing forwards. In the passing game he is also very skilled, since he has a tremendous jump.

Santiago Mouriño or simply Mou (as he is known in his country) can also play as a right back, thanks to his speed. In conclusion, he is a defender who deserves a chance in the Zaragocista team, and Fran Escribá is willing to give himto. At the moment, the Uruguayan works under the orders of Diego Simeone, in the mattress preseason.

This is how the defense of Zaragoza would be composed, with Santiago Mouriño on board

So far, the handy club has presented 2 defensive starts (Ángel López and Jairo Quinteros). But only one signing (Quentin Lecoeuche). The latter plays as a left back, and Escribá urgently needs to hire a central defender, since it only has three troops in the zone (Alejandro Francés, Lluís López, Jair Amador).

There is no doubt that the arrival of Santiago Mouriño is quite opportune, since he would leave a squad of 4 troops with which it can be reinforced thanks to Deportivo Aragón. Meanwhile, Atlético is also interested in reaching a quick agreement, since their interests are for the Uruguayan to acquire a high level, just as Giuliano Simeone and Víctor Mollejo did.

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