Santiago Giménez is clear: He does not want to leave Feyenoord

Santiago Gimenezthe talented Mexican soccer player, has made it clear that his desire is to stay in the feyenoord despite the interest of various clubs. The 22-year-old striker has a contract with the Dutch team until mid-2026 and has expressed his commitment and gratitude to the institution that he considers his family.

In an interview with ‘Voetballzone’, Giménez expressed his wish to continue at Feyenoord: “If you ask me right now, I say that I want to stay. We are going to play in the Champions League and I am in a club that is like my family. Sometimes It’s not always in your hands, football is unpredictable, but if I listen to my head and my heart, they both tell me to stay.”

Santiago Giménez is clear: He does not want to leave Feyenoord

The Mexican has had an outstanding performance this season, scoring 28 goals in 48 games played. His contribution has been key for Feyenoord to become Eredivisie champions, which shows his worth and potential on the pitch. Despite his commitment to the club, several teams have shown interest in signing Santiago Giménez. Sevilla and Roma are two of the clubs that have set their sights on the Mexican striker, seduced by his talent and goalscoring ability.

However, Giménez seems determined to continue his development at Feyenoord and continue to make his mark in Dutch football. With his contract valid until the summer of 2026, Feyenoord is confident that they can count on Santiago Giménez for several more seasons.

His decision to stay on the team is a boost for the institution, which will be able to count on one of the most promising talents in Mexico in its ranks. The Feyenoord fans celebrate Giménez’s statements and hope to see him shine in the next edition of the Champions League, where the team will seek to make history and leave a mark in European football.

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Santiago Giménez’s future seems to be at Feyenoord, where he has found a family atmosphere and the opportunity to continue growing as a footballer. His commitment and his passion for the club are a clear sign of his desire to succeed and leave a lasting mark on Dutch football.

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