Santi Maratea: they demand to suspend the collection by Independiente

The head of the General Inspectorate of Justice (IGJ), Ricardo Nissen, crossed the influencer Santi Maratea for the irregularities detected by the organization in the collection that seeks to settle the debts of Club Atlético Independiente by stating: “It is irregular and ineffective, the collection would have to be suspended.”

Nissen will demand that the Justice suspend the collection until the trust is regulated in the City of Buenos Aires: “Ideally, it should present the trust in the City. Meanwhile, we declare them irregular and ineffective. That is to say, it does not have effects against the IGJ and the trustee could not claim for himself the benefits it has”, he pointed out in AM750, and added: “Therefore, for now the effectiveness of the collection would have to be suspended until they achieve registration”.

After the statement of the IGJ that questioned the trust and the contract that carries out the collection, which has already exceeded $800,000,000, the head of the entity pointed out: “There was a bad smell in all this. We decided to intervene in defense of Independiente and public savings. It is nothing more than the willingness of the contributors to collaborate with an end as noble as saving a football club”.

In addition, Nissen demanded that no more money be collected “until the trust is registered” in the Federal Capital. “More than 20 days have passed and they have not presented anything, when they say that they have the trust registered and that all they have to do is bring the paper to Buenos Aires.”

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In his defense, Maratea responded through social networks to the criticism he received from the IGJ and called “ridiculous” people who said their trust is “irregular and ineffective.”

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