Santi Aldama warns of what ÑBA is capable of in the 2023 World Cup

Sensational message from the canary on Spain’s performance at the 2023 World Cup

The date of August 26 is marked in red on the calendar of all basketball lovers, since that day will kick off the 2023 Basketball World Cup in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines. The Spanish basketball team, affectionately known as ÑBA. She is determined to arrive in her best shape to compete at the highest level, with the talent of Santi Aldama

The talented player from the Canary Islands has solidified his NBA career and is now excited to represent Spain at the World Cup. In his statements, Aldama expresses his gratitude for being part of the team and underlines the human strength of the group, which welcomed him in an exceptional way.

Saints Aldama
Physical preparation is at its best and all players are committed to giving their all in the tournament

Santi Aldama and his path to excellence in the Spanish basketball team

Even if Santi Aldama is one of the players practically guaranteed in the final list of 12 who will go to the World Cup, there are still 18 tiles in play and six players will be discarded. Sebas Saiz recognizes that the competition is fierce and the battle for a place in the team is intense.

Furthermore, the team focuses on improving their systems, adapting and working on both offense and defense. Physical preparation is at its best and all players are committed to giving their all in the tournament. The experience and leadership of players like Rudy, who has been with the national team since 2004, are essential in the workplace.

The strength of the group: more than colleagues, friends

Team cohesion is a factor highlighted by the Canarian player, who underlines that they are not just teammates, but friends. This camaraderie and sense of unity reinforce the spirit of the Spanish basketball team and encourages them to face the challenges of the World Cup with confidence.

Definitely the selection Española de Baloncesto, led by Santi Aldama, is ready and enthusiastic to face the 2023 World Cup. With exhaustive preparation, strong internal competition and a close-knit squad, the team is determined to give it their all in the tournament. The debut date is approaching and all fans are eager to see the NBA shine on the world stage.

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