Sanjeev Kumar proposed to Hema Malini during Sholay filming

Everything from the dialogue to the songs from the cult movie ‘Sholay’ was liked by the public. At the same time, the characters of the actors in the film are still on people’s minds. By the way, we all know that Dharmendra and Hema Malini were made for each other. According to media reports, actor Sanjeev Kumar, who played Thakur in ‘Sholay’, also liked Hema Malini very much and not only wanted to marry her, Sanjeev also proposed to Hema but Hema turned him down.

This has been mentioned in Rashid Kidwai’s book ‘Bollywood Star Power-Leading Actor in Indian Politics’. According to the book, Hema Malini and Dharmendra fell in love while filming ‘Sholay’. For this reason, Hema rejected Sanjeev Kumar’s proposal. After Hema’s refusal, Sanjeev Kumar felt very bad, because Hema Malini had started to fall in love with a married man. In such a situation, Sanjeev told the film’s director, Ramesh Sippy, that he would not share the screen with Hema in any ‘Sholay’ scene.

But Sanjeev’s heart still wanted only Hema. He tried much later to make Hema his own, but was unsuccessful. Later, Sanjeev tried to persuade Hema with the help of Jeetendra, but was shocked when he learned that Jitendra himself liked Hema. According to media reports, during the filming of the movie ‘Dulhan’, Jitendra fell in love with Hema. They were both about to get married in Madras that Dharmendra arrived there at the last minute and stopped their marriage.

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