Sanjay Dutt was moved on the anniversary of his father’s death, he wrote: You are my strength and…

Veteran actor Sunil Dutt from the 1960s had worked in more than one Bollywood film and had created a large fan base with his performance. Sunil Dutt is not in this world today, but his brilliant performance is still fresh in the hearts of fans. Sunil Dutt said goodbye to this world on this day, May 25, 2005. On the occasion of the anniversary of his father’s death, Sanjay Dutt shared an emotional post.

There are millions of fans of Munna Bhai Sanjay Dutt’s performance from Bollywood. Aside from the movies, there was also a lot of talk about Sanju Baba’s personal life. His life is nothing less than a movie story, that’s why a whole movie about his life became ‘Sanju’. The public also really liked this movie. His father Sunil Dutt and his mother Nargis have contributed a lot to Sanjay Dutt’s place in the industry today. Even today, Sanjay Dutt gets very emotional after remembering both his mother and father.

Sanjay Dutt has shared a rare photo of himself with his father Sunil Dutt on his Instagram account. Sanjay Dutt looks very young in this photo. At the same time, Sunil Dutt also looks quite fit and handsome. Along with the photo, Sanjay Dutt wrote: ‘You were always there to guide and protect me. You were my strength, inspiration and support in every need… You will always be in my heart Dad, I miss you.’

We tell you that Sunil Dutt died of a heart attack. He was last seen in the movie ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ with his son Sanjay Dutt.

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