Sandor Martin: “Eddie Hearn is doing everything possible to prevent him from getting the title shot”

Yesterday the result of the auction for the fight between Devin Haney and Sandor Martin for him super lightweight world title that ordered the World Boxing Council (WBC). There was only one promoter who bid for the rights to her organization, which was Top Rank, so if the event takes place, it would pay 2.42 million dollars. The purse is split 70/30 for the champion, plus a 10% ($242,000) bonus for the winner. This means that ‘The Dream’ will receive $1,524,600 and the Spaniard will get $653,400, as long as there is a fight.

Let’s remember that Haney keeps the belt despite lose the fight against Ryan García, since the latter weight failed and therefore the title was not at stake that night. In any case, the positive of ‘King Ryan’ can make the fight not compute and thus ‘The Dream’s record remains unblemished. The duel against Martín is a mandatory defense ordered by the WBC.

As soon as it was announced that ‘Top Rank’ had won the auction, Haney launched some messages on social networks, such as: “I should have bid for myself”. He was also upset by the fact that the promoter Matchroom Boxing, with whom he worked until now, would not have entered the auction. Devin is currently a free agent.. Finally, in one of his social media messages, the champion indicated that he was going to step aside for a season: “I’m going to take some time, spend some of my money and travel the world. I’ll be back in two years after Ryan’s suspension and we can fight again.”. What he needs is to recover from the punishment that García inflicted on him.

Haney can rule out the fight, which would mean he would have to assume the consequences of having the title taken away from him.

Sandor Martín (WBC super lightweight world title candidate)

In his day Sandor Martin, already an official candidate, agreed to step aside so that the Haney-García fight could take place in exchange for going against the winner of the fight. Now, the Catalan waits expectantly and tells MARCA what the situation is like: “Top Rank won the rights to organize the fight, and now it’s time to set the date and place. We have to see if Devin Haney is receptive to fighting on that date, place and under those conditions in which said auction has been won. The ball is in your court and you have two options: one, discard the fight, with which he would have to assume the consequences that they would take away the title and put someone else in his place; the second, accept the fight. “I think within 15 or 20 days we will know what happens.”

If the title fight is not against Haney, the possibility of bringing the world championship fight to Spain could be considered.

Sandor Martin

The Catalan’s message to Haney is clear: “A true champion would accept the challenge.” In any case, the Spaniard considers all the options: “If Haney accepts the fight it would be on American soil and if another boxer appears on the scene because Devin withdraws from this fight, the next boxer who enters has much lower numbers and “Here the possibility of bringing the fight for the world championship to Spain could be contemplated.”.

I tell Devin Haney to accept the challenge

Sandor Martin

Martín is clear about the names that could come into play: “Jack Catterall, Dalton Smith or Alberto Puello. I think the Dominican is the best and strongest of the three in this position. In this case a new auction would be opened, but I think it would not be necessary because we would reach an agreement sooner.”

I am the best 140-pounder in the world, I just need you to give me the chance to prove it

Sandor Martin

His desire, he insists, continues to be to face the great American star: “I would like to beat Devin Haney and shake the boxing world again because I am the best 140-pounder in the world, I just need to be given the chance to prove it.”and arriving with the correct preparation, not like when I fought against Teófimo López”, he explains. Plan B also sounds attractive to him: “I love both possible scenarios, both that of going to fight with the champion at his house and surprising the world, and that of being world champion in Spain. “Both are two overlapping options.”

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Boring fight against Haney?

In USA, every time there is talk of the possibility of a Haney-Martín duel, Fan comments suggest that it would be a somewhat boring fight. as they are two boxers with an elusive style. We asked Sandor about these types of comments: “They don’t understand boxing, the styles make fights, but the thing is that I don’t fight in the same way against Haney as I do against Teófimo López or Mikey García. On paper, it’s a great fight. We are two absolute dominators of the boxing game, we both have a very high IQ for this sport. I know it is a fight that would surprise fans“.

I think Eddie Hearn is hurt because he had the chance to have the best 140-pounder in the world, and he lost it

Sandor Martin

Finally, we chatted with the Barcelona boxer about the influence of the big boss of the Matchroom Boxing promotion on his World Cup aspirations: “My relationship with Eddie Hearn is not too good. I think he’s hurt because he had the chance to have the best 140-pounder in the world, and he lost it. He is doing everything possible so that we do not have the opportunity we deserve. But you can’t avoid the inevitable, I’m going to be world champion. Whenever 140 pounds is mentioned, he avoids mentioning me and knows that I am a dangerous boxer who can beat any of the boxers he has on his roster.” The candidate for the WBC super lightweight belt reiterates: He is avoiding me at all costs and doing everything possible so that the opportunity does not come to me, but my opportunity has arrived, it is my time and I am going to take advantage of it.

Furthermore, there has been no understanding between Haney and Hearn for this fight. Haney had trusted Hearn, and Hearn has failed him. “In the boxing world there are people unhappy with Eddie Hearn.”.

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