Sandbox price (SAND) is on the verge of collapse

Recently, Sandbox (SAND) has shown a noticeable price movement. In this analysis, which we previously shared with Premium Members, we examine the reasons for this movement and possible future trends. This can help you with your investment decisions.

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Sandbox Technical Analysis (SAND)

Crypto Insiders analysts recently published a new SAND analysis in the Premium environment. They explained the following:

“The chart shows that Sandbox saw a strong uptrend to highs of $0.4695. Then the power decreased, causing the price to drop.

Support was found in the blue zone between $0.37 and $0.386, where the price could bounce. SAND then made a short upward correction that took the price to the resistance zone between $0.429 and $0.444. However, we expect another turning point here and a continuation of the downward trend.

While it is impossible to say exactly where the price will ultimately end up, it is expected that there will at least be a decline towards the previous low of $0.326. We will monitor these levels closely so we can respond immediately when opportunities arise.”

Date of analysis: November 25th. Link to trading view:

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