Sanctions against Russia: “The Russians are much more dependent on us”, defends Clément Beaune

“The Russians are much more dependent on us”, defends Wednesday, February 23 on France Inter the Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune. Overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, the European Union approved “unanimity” a “penalty package” against Russia.

The penalties will be “applied tonight, probably, or tomorrow at the most”announces Clément Beaune, who speaks of a “very strong European package that can go beyond”. “I hope it will send the signal that we should not go any further”he says, referring to “a sign of firmness”.

“You have individuals – oligarchs, regime relatives, Duma deputies – who supported the recognition of the independence of the Donbass republics, who will be under individual sanctions.”

Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs

France Inter

He insists on “the fact that the Russian state, the Russian banks will no longer be able to finance themselves on the European markets. It is true that we are dependent on Russia, and Vladimir Putin is playing on this, on gas and energy All the same, as Westerners and Europeans, we have to be aware of our own strengths: the Russians are much more dependent on us. Russia is Spain’s GDP! 80% of exports of gases are made towards Europe. We also have levers and we can impose our interests”attacks the Secretary of State for European Affairs.

A strong commitment from Germany

Also included in the package of measures is Germany’s decision to freeze the major gas pipeline project Nord Stream II, which was to bring even more Russian gas to Germany. “That the Germans, on a subject as important as gas supplies, are able to take a decision that had never been mentioned, seriously considered, is a very strong signal and gesture”comments Clément Beaune.

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The Secretary of State for European Affairs finally announces that a discussion organized by the Prime Minister will take place during the week “with the political forces of the country”. “We have always, on international issues, held to this consultation”answers Clément Beaune at the request of Yannick Jadot.

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